Welcome to the Hawke’s Bay Hockey Health and Safety Page.

Hawke’s Bay Hockey is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its Staff and members.  This commitment extends to ensuring that Hawke’s Bay Hockey’s operations do not place members of the public at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

We have two venues within our Association – Park Island and Unison Hockey Stadium.  Both venues have Hazard/Risk Registers and forms for incidents/accidents which are available on this page.

Hazard update

Cape Turf @ Park Island

Note to all Saturday and Sunday hockey participants, coaches, managers, parents and supporters at Park Island, Napier!

This weekend the area past the pavilion, near the rear of the facilities on the western side of Cape Physio turf (including the practice turf), will be out of bounds for the duration of the whole weekend due to work being done on the new Cape Physio dugouts.

The area will be secured and will be a restricted area, no one is to enter the area without permission to do so.

Any queries please feel free to email them to hcm@hbhockey.org.nz

Please note the area where Dug Out 1 was pre Cyclone is now fenced off until the area is clear of its current hazard. We ask all public to stand either side of the temporary fencing when watching a game. Many thanks