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​​​​​​​The HBH Culture Committee was formed in 2021 after the successful Community Forum where 5 key values were identified by those attending. These values are: Respect, Communication, Develop and Support, Inclusion and Have Fun!

From the Community Discussion and adoption of these values the Culture Committee will be introducing a broader approach to our Community Development with health and well being promotions for example. 

Following on from a Community Survey in 2021 the feedback has been analysed and the outcome has resulted in additions to the HBHA Code of Conduct. This will assist in the quality experiences of all our participants in hockey.  The demerit points system has been re-worked and will be applied to any situation that could occur around abuse of individuals or teams.

The Culture Committee encourage every member of HBHA to be a positive role model for our Sport and our people and we look forward to working alongside you all.